Visit New Mexico

Visit Santa Fe, The City Different
Santa Fe, founded in 1610, is the oldest state capital in the United States.  It is world reknown as a center for arts that reflect the multicultural character of the city.

Visit Albuquerque, The Duke City

Albuquerque, founded in 1706, is located about 60 miles southwest of Santa Fe. It is the commercial and population hub of New Mexico and straddles the original Route 66.

Visit Los Alamos, where discoveries are made
Los Alamos, founded in 1943 by the Manhattan Project, is located about 35 miles northwest of Santa Fe.  It is the birthplace of the atomic age and home to the Los Alamos National Laboratory.

Visit New Mexico, The Land of Enchantment

New Mexico, the 47th state in the Union is a land of contrasts of both people and geography.

Altitude and Humidity
New Mexico is sometimes known as the High Desert. It’s called that for a reason. Most of the state is above 5000’ in elevation. With average humidity levels at 35% or less in May, it can also be very dry.

Santa Fe’s elevation is 7000’. This could affect some people who are sensitive to altitude sickness. A possible way to acclimate yourself is to fly into Albuquerque (elevation approx. 5000’) a few days before the convention. It may help you get used to the higher elevation before driving 2000 feet higher in elevation to Santa Fe. There are many terrific places to visit in the Albuquerque area. While you are adjusting to the altitude, you can go sight-seeing!

It’s very important to stay well-hydrated, this too will help with the elevation and dryness. Make sure you have water by your side when rehearsing and performing.

A note to woodwind players—area woodwind players suggest you have softer reeds in your case as the dry air can affect them.

Image courtesy of Tourism Santa Fe