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Registration Update

When you walk into the Hilton, you will see a sign indicating the location of the registration area, toward the back to the right. There will be three sign in areas by alphabet, A-E, F-M and N-Z. You may sign in and get your badge there. If you did not send in your Covid vaccination card, we will check it then. Even if you did send it in, it is always a good idea to have it on your phone. I have had to check about 800 of these, and it is ever so slightly possible I may have missed one. As a conference registrant, once your card has been checked, there will be an indication on your badge, and you should not need to be checked again. On the back of your badge will be the excursions you signed up for, indications if you purchased a shirt, and indications of meals requested/purchased. The badge will be used to pick up your shirt, and attend the conference events and meals. Please wear it at all times.

There will also be two other areas at the registration table, one to pass out Tee shirts or Polo shirts if you bought them, and one to pass out the conference band music if you are playing.

The tee shirt area may get very busy, you can always return a bit later, as this table will be open the entire time that the registration desk is open.

Parking is only available in the Hilton lot for people who are staying there. For others, there is the Sandoval Parking Garage across the street.